How To Stop Nighttime Eating

How To Stop Nighttime Eating

You know it's killing you. You promise yourself not to do it ever again. Yet, night after night, not long after dinner, say two or three hours later, you find yourself in front of the fridge craving more food, more sugar, more junk. You know you're full, but can't help it. You finish off that bag of chips, that loaf of bread, that greasy caramel popcorn - only to feel disgusted with yourself, ashamed of your total lack of willpower... Sounds familiar?

Well, according to Dr. Mark Hyman,

"It’s not a flaw in your personality. It’s not some emotional issue that you have to fix. It’s not some psychological trauma that you have to get over. It’s simple biology, an imbalance of the hormones that regulate your appetite."

Watch Dr. Mark Hyman video talk about this syndrome here.



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